Areola Restoration Tattoo

Areola Restoration Tattoo, is where nipples are recreated to help women who have survived breast cancer, and have had reconstructive surgery, but never had a nipple restoration! Yes, these are 100% tattooed, no actual nipple is created, this is all done with shadowing to create the most realistic nipple. I have a new found love for this service, mainly because of how it affects these survivors. I am so intrigued by their stories, and blown away with how strong these women are! So many women proceed in life, after their battle with cancer, and countless surgeries to try and feel somewhat normal again. It is very common to have an augmentation, Tram Flap, Bilateral, etc. type surgeries to help restore shape, but very few get back their full breasts with nipple restoration. This practice takes a strong eye for detail, as it is an art!

There is no down time for this procedure, and the whole appointment takes 1.5-2 hours. Consults may be required, but can usually be done on the phone, or sent pictures. This procedure can still be done for women who have had nipples “created” by a plastic surgeon, although, if you have not had this done, I would recommend NOT having this done, as most surgeons cannot make them even, or realistic enough. Tattooing is much easier, and will give you an amazing outcome! This service must be done a minimum of 1 year since last surgery.

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